Aug. 8, 2011

Starting in late August, Hip-Hop Legend Grandmaster Mele Mel and BronxNet will help you master your fitness challenge with a new program, "Grandmaster Fitness." The program is part of the Bronx Strong Fitness campaign launched by BronxNet in 2011. Viewers will learn how to keep their bodies fit through workouts, nutritious eating choices, and euphoria-inducing, fun-filled activities. Grandmaster Mele Mel will take you on fitness adventures around the Bronx ad beyond, to meet fitness experts, celebrities and others who will inspire you to get fit.

Grandmaster fitness will begin airing on BronxNet Channels 67 on Cablevision and Channel 33 on Verizon FiOS in late August.

In the meantime, here are 10 tips from Mele Mel to you, for staying fit in the summer heat…

  1. "It's a great time to take your workout outdoors. However, the sun can zap your energy so make sure to do everything in moderation."
  2. "Your basic workout is about you being fit, not overexertion. Moderation means you're more likely to stay with your routine for the long run."
  3. "Working out, outside in the early morning or later in the afternoon keeps you out of the high noon sun."
  4. "It's best to build yourself up year-round to your workout and nutrition levels. This way, you can cruise through your routines in the summer."
  5. "Stay hydrated. Drink clear liquids especially water."
  6. "Wear light colored clothes to stay cooler."
  7. "Use natural fabrics that breathe and have a comfortable fit."
  8. "Take a nice walk and make sure you're not carrying anything heavy so your arms are free to swing."
  9. "A light jog or swimming are also good, if you're able. If you're able to go to another level, consider push-ups, pull-ups and dips."
  10. "If you want to exercise to music, consider slow music which lets you relax while your fitness routine is energized."

BronxStrong Campaign 2011BronxNet Executive Director Michael Max Knobbe who is also a fitness advocate recommends: "You can also go without the headphones and evoke your own music, from your memory and imagination. This will help you channel your own rhythm and build your hip-hop-ability, while allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings."

"Across TV programs, media platforms, events and through other opportunities BronxNet and the Bronx Strong Campaign invite you to forge pathways to health and fitness. Whether you are an individual, family or organization working to ameliorate health conditions, the Bronx Strong Campaign is your vehicle and BronxNet is your partner to help make a positive impact on health and health awareness in our communities," says Mr. Knobbe.

Re-visit www.bronxnet.org for the start date and get on the path to increased fitness.