Free Form Binge: August 6th, 2022

Aug. 5, 2022
Free Form Binge: August 6th, 2022

This week on Freeform Binge we share films that address personal relationships, racisim, and issues of personal awareness. See below for the complete lineup.

Tune in to watch on Saturday, August 6th at 8:30 PM on BX Arts channel 68 Optimum/ 2134 FiOS in the Bronx and online at

Go With God But Go

A UN worker and a philosophy professor hookup but make a sudden discovery which shatters their newfound intimacy.

Humans of the Hood: Natasha from Pelham Parkway

Natasha grew up in the Bronx with a love for art that led her to a career in the tattoo industry.


Shot on the real-life Blackfeet buffalo drive and inspired by a true story, Iniskim follows a young woman’s journey from trauma to recovery.

To Be Young, Gifted & Black

Oppression is an indisputable reality for people of color in this country. Contemporary artists still discuss and confront issues of race and art. "To Be Young, Gifted & Black" profile's visual artist Monilola Ilupeju.

The Earth Keepers


 A husband and wife start a composting business in Indiana, working with hiring ex-offenders.

BRAC Teen Project Studio: Cosmic Corn Flakes

Another animation done by Teen Project Studio! This time it is a rotoscope animation about losing something important. What important thing? Watch to find out!

Defend Puerto Rico: Plena Indignación

In the shadows of US Colonization and economic crisis, Defend Puerto Rico tells the story of resilient people in an island’s fight for their culture and identity. Before Maria and Irma hit, the people of Puerto Rico had long been in crisis and responding with acts of resistance, mobilization, and renewal of all areas of society and life. We have been documenting the voices of underrepresented and underserved communities long before the recent devastations lifted the curtain that has been hiding the true colonial conditions from the world. These are the narratives of the people and communities that have remained resilient and vigilant in creating true and new spaces of self-determination and dignity.

The 3rd Try

Two women confront hopelessness head-on, but at least they are doing it together.

Humans of the Hood: ICU from Inwood

ICU is an artist from Inwood, Manhattan who found a unique way to share his work with the world.