"Fragancia on Open"

March 11, 2011
"Fragancia on Open"

Fragancia a/k/a Fraga was born on October 10th in Dominican Republic.  At the age of 10, Fraga and his family moved to Miami, Florida, a well known city for its lively culture of tropical music.  At an early age, Fragancia had an interest and a deep affection for music; therefore he decided to pursue a career as an artist by moving to New York City. There he began to work on his skills as a performer by free styling and “battling” (rapping) on the street corners of his neighborhood in the Bronx, NY - a most unforgiving stage. He then moved on to countless open-mike nights in East Coast nightclubs.

In 1996, Urbano Salsa group DLG was created by the renowned producer, Sergio George. The popular Latin trio came onto the music scene with great force, incorporating a Latin-infusion of world music that at the time went unmatched.  DLG was comprised of James De Jesus a.k.a. Da Barba, the ever energetic Huey Dunbar, and the charming, smooth and sexy Fragancia.  After a challenging and exhausting amount of years that had them touring throughout Latin America, Asia, the Caribbean and garnering numerous accolades accredited to them as the Grammy’s & Latin Grammy’s nominations, Latin Billboard wins, and frequent top-ranking hits such as NO MORIRA, LA QUIERO A MORIR, JULIANA, TODO MI CORAZON, the group decided to amicably split and pursue solo careers.

Fraga’s fiery passion for music and performing grew stronger than ever  and subsequently resulted in many collaborations with international artists like Yolandita Monge, Luis Enrique, Dose of Fulanito, Servando & Florentino, Nora Nora (formerly of Orq. De la Luz), Isaac Delgado,  Sandy & Papo MC and many others.  With a multitude of experience under his belt, Frangancia has decided that now would be the right time to embark on a solo career that can optimistically take him on the right course to stardom.

Fragancia’s newest project titled “Sofoke” (I Don’t Care) is scheduled for release in 2010 on Cutting Latino, produced by Game G and co-produced by Fragancia.  The album will feature the songs Antidoto y Veneno, Quisiera Saber, Mirala, and  Saoko featuring Sex Appeal, which is currently gaining position in Nationwide record pools and radio in the Northeast.  The rapper, songwriter, co-producer and all around talented Fragancia will also be appearing as a special guest on an upcoming music video project made for children with Freddy Correa of the Barrio Boyz, slated for a late 2009 release.

Fragancia is prepared and expects to take a place in the Latin Urbano world. With his overall amount of experience and a desire for success, Fragancia looks forward to making a lasting impact to fans around the globe.

“Since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to show the world what I was capable of when it came to music and I am confident the first album leading up to my second will continue to surpass everyone’s expectations. I just hope the world is ready.” says Fraga.

The potential was somewhat hidden during his DLG years, but now it’s frontal, and full of flavor.  Fraga is set on changing the face of Latin Hip Hop while making his fans say, “Wow!!!”