Foodie Down Bronx with Chef Marivee & Amicha Tsogbe

Oct. 31, 2019
Foodie Down Bronx with Chef Marivee & Amicha Tsogbe

On this episode of Foodie Down Bronx, host Em Pineda sits down with Chef Marivee and Entrepreneur Amicha Tsgobe.

About Chef Marivee

With 9 years of professional cooking, Chef Marivee’s passion in the kitchen has grown exponentially. Her global experience in the culinary arts creates an atmosphere inundated with exceptional service.

Growing up in the south Bronx, immersed in diversity, there was a shortage of healthy nutritional choices. She researched different neighborhood restaurants, and markets—successfully locating their food source.

Her knowledge of agriculture, paired with her superlative skill in the kitchen, culminated in Marivee becoming a personal chef. At the age of 21 Marivee landed a job at Boulud Sud, a four star Michelin, as hostess. During her tenure at the establishment, Mari would face pushback as a woman, from several male chefs. Her colleagues felt she was solely fit for kitchen staff work, and nothing more. 

Through perseverance she ultimately shadowed Chef Aaron Chambers, and Chef Daniel Boulud. She then ventured into hospitality were she was able to cultivate her passion for food. Marivee continued to add to her arsenal, collaborating with some of today’s most prestigious Chefs.

In 2014 Chef Marivee conceived of her latest venture,Unframed Palate, which she describes as a conduit for restaurant consulting, nutrition, family meal planning, cooking classes, infused Cannabis/CBD meals, and pop-up dinners. Notable clients include writer Angela Nissel, business mogulKareem Burks and Rapper, Talib Kweli.

Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.
— Julia Child

Amicha Tsgobe

Amicha Tsgobe is a Jane of all trades from the Bronx. She is a Local 79 construction worker, self taught hair stylist, nail technician and makeup artist, extreme food lover and cook who showcases her work regularly on a growing YouTube page and social media. She recently started her own food business "Meals By Micha" @mealsbymicha Micha also specializes in sfx makeup, creating spooky looks for the Halloween season. Micha began her cooking and styling pages for fun and out of passion, but shortly realized the attention and clientele her posts garnered through Instagram. 

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