Drama Program - 10/21/19

Oct. 18, 2019
Drama Program - 10/21/19

When things don’t go as planned at work, Kennedy decides to pursue her dream of starting a tech blog full-time. As with any new business it can be a bit rocky at first and Kennedy experiences that first handed when she receives bad financial news. Even with all of her own personal drama, Kennedy still finds the time to lend a sympathetic ear to friends, family and specifically a teenaged girl. Between being a mentor, and struggling business owner, Kennedy’s stress level is at an all-time high.

This 9-episode series as a one-hour airs on Monday, October 21st at 8pm on Optimum channel 68/ 34 Fios.

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Episode 1: All Bad

Kennedy has a long day when she interviews a candidate -- the interviews goes from normal to bizarre. To top it off she receives bad news that will affect her livelihood.

Episode 2: Meet & Greet

Kennedy continues on with her interviews, and hosts an awkward meet and greet with her new mentee.

Episode 3: His & Her Drama

Kennedy's and Faith's trip to the Church to volunteer doesn't go as planned once they run across Faith's stalker bae.

Episode 4: Watsup

Kennedy receives more bad news -- digging herself in a deeper hole. Faith stops by for a visit, and Kennedy receives a surprising text.

Episode 5: Out of Left Field

Kennedy is stressed and busy at work. This results in her not tracking time, and when things couldn't get any worse an unexpected visitor shows up.

Episode 6: Open Book

Kennedy makes it up to Faith and has too much to drink with Stacy.

Episode 7: Les than Perfect

Kennedy receives good news and a surprise visit from an ex.

Episode 8: Accusations

Tensions run high between Kennedy and Faith when Kennedy accuses Faith of something she didn't do. Carman also reveals shocking news to Kennedy.

Episode 9: Have Faith

Kennedy runs into an old friend and later is in for a surprise when she finally meets up with Faith again.