Bronx Hispanic Heritage Film Block

Sept. 14, 2021
Bronx Hispanic Heritage Film Block

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month BronxNet TV presents our Bronx Heritage Month film block. From September 15th, to October 15th, we are featuring a different Latino focused films.  

See lineup below:

Bomba Live 2: A Virtual Puerto Rican Celebration

Bomba Live 2 is the 2nd Annual Virtual Puerto Rican Celebration, honoring Puerto Rican pioneers and breakthrough leaders who have made extraordinary contributions. This episode features Freestyle singers Brenda K. Starr and Corina, author Dionely Reyes and cast members from the original novela, “Death of Cocotazo."

This is the Puerto Rican novela you have waited for your whole life, "Death of Cocotazo”! Join your favorite boricua social media all-stars--Funky Bacalao, J3RZY RICAN, Dean Huertas, Sulaih Picorelli, Denito, Senor Edison & Amanda Rivera--and the production team-Rhina Valentin, Ivelisse Rodriguez, Elbert Garcia and Ray Collazo--for the premiere and interviews with the cast and crew.

They Took Them Alive

More than two years after 43 students disappeared from Ayotzinapa in Mexico, their loved ones still seek justice and closure.

This film is an intimate view into the most well-known case of forced disappearance in Mexico in recent years – a case that sent shock waves through Mexican society and sparked months of protests across the country and world. The 43 missing students became a symbol for the ongoing crisis of disappearances since the beginning of the Mexican Drug War, which today number over 83,000. The case remains under investigation in the new administration of president López Obrador. Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 coincides with the 6th anniversary of the students' disappearance on September 26, 2014.


This film follows Will Ramirez' return to El Salvador to learn about the country's history, to connect with some distant family, and understand the future trajectory of this country. This film explores themes of immigration, understanding of one's heritage, and reflects the experience of many immigrants and refugees from around the world who left everything behind in search of a better life in places like the Bronx.

"My family left El Salvador in 1987 in the middle of the Civil War that claimed the lives of 75,000 Salvadorans. This film follows my return to El Salvador to learn about the country's history, to connect with some distant family, and understand the future trajectory of this country. The answers I found while making this short documentary were surprising. From the extent of US intervention in the civil war, to some violent family history I had previously never known. This is my story. An immigrant who has received infinite opportunities in Canada, but still exists in an identity crisis between the culture and heritage he was born into and the culture he has had to navigate throughout his life.” - Will Ramirez, Producer.

A Mi Matria

An experimental political essay about a Chicano filmmaker escorting his Mexican grandmother from Tijuana to Newport Beach, California; the place she was intimidated into leaving over 85 years ago during the U.S. sponsored effort: OPERATION WETBACK. Through this emotional journey the grandson learns about his grandmother’s struggle to validate the memories of a history that is being erased, and that his homeland is not Mexico… it’s California. Feat. Rigoberto Gonzalez and Juan Felipe Herrera, United States Poet Laureate Official Selection - 2017 Cannes International film Festival (France) Latino Culture & Heritage Award - 2020 Official Latino Film Festival Award of Recognition – 2017 Hollywood Independent International Film Awards Official Selection - 2021 San Diego Latino Film Festival

Amor for Alex

An experimental poetic homage that investigates the killing of Alex Nieto by the San Francisco Police in 2014. The video includes Alex Nieto's friends and family, including the family attorney representing the Nieto family in a civil suit.


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