The Bronx Community Fridges

Nov. 24, 2021
The Bronx Community Fridges

When New York City went into lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the city’s 1.2 million residents who already faced food insecurity now had a new challenge ahead of them––how they would put food on the table with the loss of jobs, restrictions on mobility, and the scarcity of products at their local markets.

But in the Bronx, some of the most vulnerable found relief from their community with the emergence of the community fridge.

Since the start of the pandemic they began to pop up all over the city, and in the Boogie Down, a part of the city which has always been marginalized, there are currently more than 10 active fridges.

The important aspect of these community fridges is not just that people now have another resource for food, but that these are started from everyday people to small businesses or mutual aid networks and set up as a place where people could grab what they need with no questions asked.

And for Bronxites who do not qualifying for government aid or have undocumented status the fridges have become an essential resource.

For many community fridges, making donations is as simple as placing food items inside and  while the outpouring of donations has been vital for the survival for some families, they also pose as a place for toy drives, turkey giveaways, and even healthcare resources.

For those looking to support one of these community fridges, either with donations, or to volunteer with cleanup, drives, labeling food donations and even painting then be on the lookout.

The Beauty of it all is that like the rest of the Bronx, these community fridges come with very diverse decor and colors––with incredible artwork.

See below to find out more about the community fridges in the Bronx and how to find them. Also here is a map to find community fridges across the city.

1 Freedom Fridge- 237 McClellan St

Learn more on 1Freedom4All Facebook page

Allerton Allies Fridge- 2527 Boston Rd

Learn more on Allerton Allies Fridge Instagram account

Anchor Fridge- 239 City Island Avenue

Learn more on Anchor Fridge Instagram account

Bedford Park Community Fridge- 1 Bedford Park Blvd

Learn more on Bedford Park Community Fridge Instagram account

Food For Justice Ministry Fridge- 260 West 231 Street

Food for Justice Ministry Instagram account

The Friendly Fridge- Broadway at 242nd Street

Learn more on The Friendly Fridge Facebook page

Isla Fridge- 914 Prospect Ave Bronx

Learn more on Isla Fridge Instagram account

KingsFridge- 3016 Bailey Ave

Learn more on KingsFridge Instagram account

Loving The Bronx Fridge- 88 Hugh Grant Circle

Learn more on Loving The Bronx Fridge Instagram account

Mott Haven Fridge-  141st Street & St Ann Avenue

Learn more on Mott Haven Fridge Instagram account

Nuestra Nevera- 737 east 156th street

Learn more on Nuestra Nevera Instagram account