Best of BronxTalk 2021 Part 2

Nov. 23, 2021
Best of BronxTalk 2021 Part 2

This week’s BronxTalk presents the second part of our ‘Best of BronxTalk 2021’ series. Co-producer Rerbecca Hemick and intern Amy Mbaye selected these as some of their favorite segments of the year: The 11th City Council Primary Debate, Mental and Behavioral Health, and a conversation with Rep. Jamaal Bowman about raising the debt limit, infrastructure bills, the Biden economic agenda, the child tax credit and much more. 

Tune in to watch on BX OMNI channel 67 Optimum/ 2133 FiOS in the Bronx and online at on the following days and times:

PREMIERE - Monday, 11/29 at 9:00 PM
Tuesday, 11/29 at 8:30 AM
Tuesday, 11/29 at 3:30 PM
Tuesday, 11/29 at 9:00 PM
Wednesday, 12/1 at 9:30 AM