Jun 15, 2020

OPEN BxRx | June 15th, 2020

Bob Lee is joined by Sabrina Castillo, Director of Partnerships and Outreach for the NYC Campaign Finance Board or a discussion on voting and absentee ballots, Errol Olton, The Resume Tailor, to discuss tips for recent graduates and people looking for work, Karim Millan, General Manager of the American Grill, a Bronx restaurant, for a look at what they are serving and their take out and delivery options, Bianca Pitman, Founder of Be You Beauty gives her take on natural healing and beauty products, and Katherine Soll and Joshua Serrano of Teens for Food Justice talk about their work to continue to deliver healthy food and fight for food justice amid the pandemic plus Bobby C gives an update on what’s taking place in the world of sports.

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