Jun 03, 2020

Today's Verdict: Child Custody Rights, Businesses Reopen, Financial Tips

On this episode of Today's Verdict: Coronavirus and The Law, our host, David Lesch, speaks with Laura A. Russell from Legal Aid Society about what to do if you have orders of protection, child custody rights and family court issues due to the pandemic. Then, Andrew Rigie from NYC Hospitality Alliance tells us how they are helping small businesses reopen. Lastly, Gwen Hartstein, a financial counselor, gives us tips to reduce spending and save money during the crisis. Host: @DavidLesch Producer: Marivid Batista & Yesenia Ramos Editor: Luis Rebolledo Guest Laura A. Russell: @LegalAidNYC (Twitter) @legalaidnyc (Instagram) Guest Andrew Rigie: @theNYCalliance (Twitter) @thenycalliance (Instagram) Guest Gwen Hartstein: @nylag (Twitter) @nylagnews (Instagram)

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