May 11, 2020

OPEN BxRx | May 11, 2020

Bob Lee is joined by Gabriella Hu, Founder of Kind Word USA, who is writing letters to healthcare workers around the country including tp the Bronx, LaToya Newton, Founder and Creator of The Analog Girl Podcast, who is a Bronx based producer working on a series about mental health, Karen Meza, Program Coordinator for the Mental Health Awareness Project, who discusses their work with a goal of self care, Lloyd Strayhorn, a Numerologist who shares his take on the meaning of numbers, Student Kai-Lin Kwek-Rupp of Teens Take Charge, who discusses their campaign to save summer youth employment in New York City, and UnCutt, an Artist, who discusses his programs and how he has turned to meditation during this time, plus Bobby C talks with NYC Basketball player Smush Parker.

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