Apr 20, 2020

OPEN BxRx | April 20th, 2020

Bob Lee is joined by Sabrina Castillo, Director of Partnerships and Outreach for the New York CIty Campaign Finance Board for a discussion on the upcoming elections and voting absentee, Monique Ferguson-Riley, Founder and CEO of Freedom Youth LLC shares details on her virtual programs for youth as well as her beef it up social media challenge, Georgia Woodbine, Lifestyle Transformation Coach, Author, and Speaker discusses her take on how to navigate during uncertain times, Bharati Sukul Kemraj, Founder of Bharati Dance Academy and The Bharati Foundation talks about Books with Bharati, her program reading to youth that has gone online, we find out the journey of Paul Bamba, Founder of TRIFECTA, who ran 72 miles in 72 hours, plus Bobby C is joined by a WFUV sports reporter for a look at the impact of COVID-19 on local sports.

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