Oct 11, 2018

OPEN Wednesday 10/10/2018

On This Week's Open, Host Daren Jaime meets with Julio Pabon Author & Activist to talk about National Manifestation Of Respect & Justice for Puerto Rico. Next, Daren talks with Michael Benjamin, Associate Editorial Page Editor, Nypost about Kavanaugh debuts on the Supreme Court. Later, Daren meets with Dr. Rima Brusi, Writer In Residence At The Center For Human Rights And Peace Studies about a journalist who has been reporting and writing about Puerto Rico. After, Daren meets with Eric Brito of The Care Of Trees, A Davey Company about a bug alert. Then, Daren meets with Marco Shalma and Amanda Celestino, to discuss the Bronx Night Market. Lastly, Daren talks with Anthony Welch, Founder of Bronxview about educational to creative resources for kids and children living or being served by the homeless shelter system.

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