Oct 03, 2018

Dialogo Abierto: Exclusive Interview with Leandra Feliz

It has been three months since 15-year-old Lesandro ‘Junior’ Guzman-Feliz lost his life due to gang violence. The memory of the tragic loss of this promising young man lives on in the hearts and minds of the Bronx community. In the days and weeks following the incident, people from around the country shared their regrets and outrage. Junior's mother, Leandra Feliz sat down with award-winning journalist, BronxNet host, Javier Gomez on a very special episode of Dialogo Abierto, to share her story. In an intimate, at-home interview conducted in Spanish with English subtitles, Ms. Feliz discussed the case, the outpouring of support she has recieved, and the richness of Junior’s life.

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