Aug 15, 2018

OPEN: 8/15/2018 with Daren Jaime

On this week's OPEN, host Daren Jaime shares the latest news in politics. Next, Lorelei Vargas, Sub-commissioner of ACS, meets with Daren to discuss the New Family Resource Center In The Bronx. Ater that, Daren speaks to Amanda Davis, Project Manager of the NYC LGBT Historic Sites to discuss a new project, which highlights contributions made in the LGBT community. Then, Daren sits down with founder and fitness trainer Derek Batista of Fitness Professional and Butch Nieves of Mr. America’s Training Camp to discuss ways to stay fit and healthy. Dr. Nissin Nahmias, Medical Director Of The Center For Bariatric Surgery at St. Barnabas Hospital stops by to talk about a free seminar on weight loss surgery. Next, Daren meets with community activist Lovie Pignata to discuss upcoming summer events in the borough. Lastly, Daren Jaime meets with art collective Is Ngozy Llc, Ceo and Managing Partner, Gabriel “Sade Tcm” Fantauzzi about making art financially accessible to others.

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