May 24, 2018

OPEN: May 24, 2018 with Daren Jaime

This week's OPEN with Daren Jamie includes a plethora of guests, following his updates on the latest Bronx-related community news. Jaime welcomes the Director of External Affairs and Priority Populations, Adriana Andaluz-Gacia to discuss the benefits and overall importance of PrEP, following Andaluz-Garcia is the Chair and Board of Directors of the Dominican Day Parade, Maria Khury and Syracuse student, Michelle Martínez, a scholarship recipient. Our host is also visited by Ianna Dell'olio, the Director of Adancement and Communications for the Bronxworks 2018 Annual Gala, and Demetris Giannoulias, CEO of Spring Bank, and Barbara Miliano, the LCSW Program Director of the Brook. Finally, Jaime concludes his impressive guest list with his sit-down with R. Buddy and DJ Brujo Boggie from The Uptown Vinyl Supreme Team with reagrds to an upcoming event called, "Return to MCGOOS."

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