Oct 19, 2017

Dare 2 Dream | Oct. 9, 2012

BronxNet |“Dare 2 Dream” is a culmination of over 20 years of service, in the fields of comprehensive community development and family services, bringing to the forefront issues and concerns facing fathers of all nationalities, economic backgrounds and family circumstances. As a seasoned training specialist, semi-pro football coach and single father, Coach Lynn and the production team have developed an innovative training program, whereas effective fatherhood parenting skills are presented in collaboration with employability skills training. Professionals from agencies such as; Office of Child Support Enforcement; The Center for Employment Opportunities, Family Courts and more, will provide invaluable information and strategies which promote effective communication with their respective offices. In addition, specialized trainings provide entertaining activities, and “real life” simulations, identifying and addressing key topics relevant to our target audience. The employability skills segment identifies critical obstacles associated with finding employment focusing on the following topics; Applications- its’ role in the hiring process and its’ many forms, Resume development- the importance of assimilating the information; Interviewing techniques- Fear vs Phobia; Dressing for Success...and more. “Dare 2 Dream” respectfully requests your support in this exciting training bringing with it the talent, charismatic training and commitment to service needed to educate, entertain and empower its audience. “Faith…..Sacrifice…..Patience…..Determination…..Commitment….Love!”

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