Oct 19, 2017

Bronx Live! | Bomplenazo 2012

Bronx Live! | Bomplenazo 2012. In its first year, ¡BRONX LIVE! won the Hometown Video Award for best Performing Arts series. In 1996 the National Academy of Cable Television Programmers nominated ¡BRONX LIVE! for the CableACE Award Best Music Series. After ¡BRONX LIVE! went on to win that award, a weekly syndicated time slot was added to the BRONXNET schedule to rebroadcast performances featured in the past on the program. In 1997, a real Bronx tale was recognized as Best Performing Arts Program by the National Academy of Cable Television Programmers. ¡BRONX LIVE! received a CableACE Award for BEHIND THE COUNTER WITH MUSSOLINI, by the Belmont Italian American Playhouse. Marco Greco and Dante Albertie cowrote the funny and touching play. Dante directed, while Marco starred in the one man show. Also that year, ¡BRONX LIVE! was very proud to receive a NY EMMY nomination. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recognized FAMILIAS as an outstanding Fine Arts program. FAMILIAS was created by PEPATIAN choreographer Merián Soto and visual artist Pepón Osorio. The performance group worked with eight families living in the South Bronx and recreated their experiences through performance and visual art. ¡BRONX LIVE! spotlights the vibrant multi-ethnic and multi-disciplinary arts community and culture that thrives throughout the borough. Bronx Live: Saturday at 7 pm | Bronx Live at the Opera: Sunday at 7 pm

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