Oct 19, 2017

BronxNet 20th Anniversary

"As BronxNet celebrates its 20th Anniversary, we will regularly look back at our early days serving the borough with media stories and services not available anywhere else. In this video we revisit BronxNet’s very first broadcast of what was then a highly rated and much watched news program, “BXNY.” The program, hosted by Mizar Tirdiu featured stories produced by up-and-coming reporters who worked with BronxNet-trained student production crews. This episode includes a wide range of topics from cancer treatment, to the closing of the legendary Alexanders store, a delightful local bakery, the launch of the borough’s first TV station – BronxNet, and more. You will even see popular NBC Anchor Darlene Rodriguez in her first television-reporting appearance as Darlene Pomales, as well as some early video, editing and graphics work of BronxNet’s now, Executive Director Michael Max Knobbe. Let’s take a look back."

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