Oct 18, 2017

BronxTalk | Aug. 26th, 2013

BRONXTALK TO PRESENT SIX POLITICAL DEBATES IN CONSECUTIVE WEEKS — Beginning on July 29, BronxTalk, the weekly BronxNet TV program will present an unprecedented six consecutive weeks of political debates. The series will feature the Democratic primaries in the 8th, 11th, 15th, 16th, and 17th, City Council Districts and the Assembly race in the 86th district. All certified candidates will be invited and are strongly encouraged to participate. “This might be the busiest most competitive political season since BronxTalk debuted almost nineteen years ago,” said host and senior producer Gary Axelbank, who will moderate the debates, “and so as we have done in the past, we will make sure that Bronxites have a chance to make educated choices when they go to vote.” Over the course of more than 880 programs, BronxTalk has presented thirty-eight political debates, in some cases in three and four consecutive weeks. This will be the first time the program will feature as many as six in a row. Questions and subjects will include those submitted by the candidates themselves. “Vital Bronx-centered programming like this series of political debates cuts to the core of what BronxNet television is all about,” said Executive Director Michael Max Knobbe. “On our six channels we provide a broad spectrum of programming made in the Bronx that is unavailable anywhere else. BronxNet provides media training, technological access, and community programming to help keep the people of the Bronx informed and entertained, and we certainly illuminate issues and raise civic awareness with this crucial BronxTalk series of local debates.”

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