Aug 14, 2023

Unveiling BronxNet's 30th Anniversary Logo: 30 Years of Empowering Communities through Media

Join us as we unveil BronxNet's 30th Anniversary Logo, a symbol of three decades of fostering connections, amplifying voices, and transforming lives in the Bronx and beyond. In this exciting clip, witness the heart and soul of BronxNet as community members engage in our vibrant studios, capturing the essence of our mission to provide a platform for all voices. Experience the energy, dedication, and passion that have fueled our journey, led by our Executive Director, Michael Max Knobbe. With a legacy built on community engagement, diverse programming, and meaningful impact, BronxNet stands strong as a beacon of media for all. Step into our world of creativity, unity, and empowerment—unveil the logo that signifies 30 years of making a difference, together. Stay tuned for more inspiring content as we celebrate this remarkable milestone! 🌟 #BronxNet30 #CommunityEmpowerment #TransformingLives #MediaForAll For more information on BronxNet visit us at- Follow us on Facebook at- Follow us on X (formerly Twitter) at- Follow us on Instagram at- Follow us on LinkedIn at- Follow us on TikTok at-