Jul 28, 2022

The Bronx Buzz Daniel Hauben

In this episode of The Bronx Buzz, Host, Gary Axelbank, is joined by his old friend Artist, Daniel Hauben. Daniel discusses and breaks down recent works of his and an upcoming Gallery, The Other Side of Summer where Daniel’s work will be featured. Video Editor: Anderson Peguero Production Assistant: Anderson Peguero For more information on BronxNet visit us at- Follow us on Facebook at- Follow us on Twitter at- Follow us on Instagram at- Follow us on LinkedIn at-… —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here is some information on what The Bronx Buzz is about. The Bronx Buzz is a weekly program geared towards providing a platform for reporters, filmmakers, authors and other creatives that put out content in the Bronx. If asked about our ratings : "Since we’re a nonprofit, we don’t subscribe to Nielsen ratings, so I wouldn’t be able to provide specific viewership data. However, we do know that 60% of Bronx residents indicated they watch BronxNet regularly in an independent market research survey."

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