Jun 04, 2022

¡Pa'Lante! - Bronx Live

Lehman College Theatre & Music students created, devised and performed ¡Pa’Lante! Pa'lante's story is a response to the tumultuous times we are living in. The play took inspiration from the work of the Young Lords in the 70s. In a matter of 9 weeks, the students created an original story with 18 characters all told by their own experiences combined with the Young Lords' actions. By uttering the word Pa’Lante, they keep their stories alive. Siempre Pa 'Lante! PA'LANTE CAST & CREW Director Victoria Pérez Producer Rick DesRochers LA FAMILIA ABUELA Hilary Nuñez NIETO Wilson Hernandez PRIMA Arislady Martinez PRIMO Kevin Patino CUZZO Jordan Mayo THE MUSES RITMO Victory Ike ARIA Isabel Polanco EL POETA DeAndre Rowe-McKenzie THE ANCESTORS THE FOUNDER Chanel Huston THE FIGHTER Dylan Tchedji THE MARTYR Matthew Garaicoa THE PROPHET Joie Scott Thomas THE YOUNG LORDS Brendaly Cruz Nuñez Larry Allen Monica Catalina Jara MC ELEGUA Ja-el-Lucina Dozier CARMEN Leda Obergh COLON Cristian Bajana Ensemble of Drummers Abner Castillo Sasha Perez Yasuyo Kimura Victor Rendon Assistant Directors/Dramaturgs Alexa Downing & Isaias Morales Production Staff Writer Alexa Downing Production Stage Manager Alyssa Van Gorder Stage Manager Jahdiel Rodriguez Assistant Stage Manager Julie Peteani Lighting Designer Miriam Nilofa Crowe Scenic Designer Kyle Higgins Technical Director Chris Higgins Costume Designer Jenny Rocha Costume Shop Manager Anthony Paul-Cavaretta Sound Design/Music Supervisor Luke Santy Dance Captain Julie Peteani Wardrobe Jazmin Morales Cisneros Sound Mixing Yesenia Leon Assistant Sound Technician Melan Longo-Troncoso Music Director Abner Castillo Ensemble Conductor Victor Rendon Video/Projection Design/QLab Operator Jennifer Viloria Production Manager Felix Otero Video/Media Consultant Monica Duncan Light Board Operator Yerlin Henriquez Tejada Assistant Technical Director Amira Mustapha Technical Consultant Alejandro Castro Backstage Crew Isaias E. Morales Alexa Downing, Julie Peteani Melan Longo-Troncoso Jazmin Morales Cisneros Filming Documentation Gabriel Agostinelli Carol Serrano Editing Documentation Phillip Adeyeye

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