May 24, 2022

Public Health America: Dr. Suzanne Del Gizzo

Dr. William Latimer speaks withDr. Suzanne del Gizzo, a Professor of English at Chestnut Hill College, Chair of CHC’s Center for Integrated Humanities, and editor of The Hemingway Review.  At Chestnut Hill, she teaches a variety of courses in American literature, gender studies, film, and writing.  She has published more than thirty articles in scholarly journals and has co-edited three books, Ernest Hemingway in Context (Cambridge UP, 2013) with Debra A. Moddelmog, Ernest Hemingway’s The Garden of Eden:  25 Years of Criticism (Kent State UP, 2012) with Frederic J. Svoboda, and most recently, The New Hemingway Studies with Kirk Curnutt for Cambridge University Press (2020). 05/24/2022.

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