Feb 18, 2022

Today’s Verdict: DOE Violates Americans w/ Disabilities Act, Laws on Secret Recordings

Host, David Lesch talks to Torie Atkinson from Disability Rights Advocates about a victory for children with disabilities. A federal court ruled that the City of New York’s Department of Education routinely denies students with diabetes access to field trips and bus transportation in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Then, law student Chloe Canaan talks about both New York and Florida law, if a person may secretly voice-record or videotape a party to a conversation and use this as evidence in court. Finally, Danielle E. Caminiti, Esq. from Have U Covered, LLC talks to us about how the pandemic changed her career path from lawyer to chef. Host: David Lesch | Producer: Yesenia Ramos | Editor: Luis Rebolledo | Guest(s): Torie Atkinson, Staff Attorney, Disability Rights Advocates; Chloe Canaan, Law Student; Danielle E. Caminiti, Esq., Have U Covered, LLC.

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