Jan 18, 2022

Public Health America with Dr. William Latimer: Dr. Naoko Tanese

Dr. William Latimer speaks with Dr. Naoko Tanese about engaging young people to become interested in science. 1/18/22. Synopsis of the first part of the interview: Engaging young people to become interested in science. As the head of a program in higher education, I see a need to recruit students from all backgrounds to help expand the pool of future scientists, educators, and leaders. We created a course for graduate students to partner with organizations in our external communities and worked with middle schoolers and high school students to encourage learning scientific materials. Our students generated short videos to discuss their research and introduce lab tools. The website is called Future in Science. Our school has also hosted the Summer Undergraduate Research Program for more than 30 years offering scientific opportunities to college students from all backgrounds across the country. Many students have pursued advanced degrees and remain active in science and health-related careers.

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