Aug 20, 2021

Today’s Verdict: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Eviction Moratorium NYC, SUCCESS Act

Host David Lesch speaks with Rick Ostrove from Leeds Brown Law, P.C., about sexual harassment in the workplace and how to take legal action if needed.Then, Leslie H. Tayne is a financial attorney and Founder/Managing Director. of Tayne Law Group, she talks to us about the eviction moratorium in NYC and what to expect in the coming months. Finally, Congresswoman Grace Meng talks to us about the SUCCESS Act which helps close the homework gap ensuring students continue to receive needed internet access after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. Producer: Yesenia Ramos & Marivid Batista | Editor: Luis Rebolledo | Producer Intern: Yarelys Encarnacion, Michael Omoruan | Guest (s): Rick Ostrove, Leeds Brown Law, P.C.; Leslie H. Tayne, Financial attorney and founder/managing director of Tayne Law Group; Grace Meng, Congresswoman, District 6.

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