Aug 09, 2021

OPEN Bx Rx Monday I August 09, 2021

OPEN Bx Rx Monday host Dr. Bob Lee is joined by Dr. Albert J. Lewis Jr., Founder and CEO of World Gospel Music Association, who joins the show to highlight the ministry work he is doing in his native home Newark, N.J. Then, Alyssa Harstein, Director of Programs for The Center of Community Leadership JCR-NYC, joins the program to speak about the work that her organization is doing to provide great career opportunities for New York City youth. After that, we hear from Noah Arris, Founder of The Cardamom Man Cookies, to learn about how he started his vendor during the pandemic and to see what new treats he's cooking up for his Bronx customers. Plus, Bobby C. has the latest in the world of Sports. Then, we'll take a look back at a conversation Dr. Bob Lee had with Princeton Dowe and Brazil Dowe, Entrepreneurs and Founders of Water2Kids, who joined the program to speak about their business and how they are providing clean and healthy water for kids in their community. Finally, we'll take a look at the "Friends of the Champ" brunch event, which featured some of the greatest boxers of all time, and was covered by BronxNet TV's very own Arlene Mukoko. Producers: Chelsea Jackson, Yasmine Burgess, & Stephen Powell Editors: Chelsea Jackson & Yasmine Burgess For more information on BronxNet visit us at- https://bronxnet.org/ Follow us on Facebook at- https://www.facebook.com/BronxNetTV Follow us on Twitter at- https://twitter.com/BronxnetTV Follow us on Instagram at- https://www.instagram.com/bronxnettv Follow us on LinkedIn at- https://www.linkedin.com/company/bronxnet-community-television

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