Aug 09, 2021

Today’s Verdict: Proof of Vaccination for Indoor Activities, NYCHA Rent Settlement, ‘Bridgegate’

Host and trial attorney David Lesch speaks with Peter P. Rahbar founder of The Rahbar Group PLLC about the mandatory vaccination or weekly testing for city workers as well as proof of vaccination for New Yorkers to participate in indoor activities. Then, Luis A. Henriquez Carrero from Manhattan Legal Services tells us about NYCHA to reform the rent adjustment system, paying $190,000 in a settlement impacting hundreds of thousands of tenants. Lastly, Michael J Epstein from The Epstein Law Firm, talks about the ‘Bridgegate’ Traffic Scandal that occurred in September 2013. Producers: Marivid Batista & Yesenia Ramos | Editor: Luis Rebolledo | Producer Intern: Yarelys Encarnacion. Michael Omoruan | Guest(s): Peter P. Rahbar, Esq., Founder, The Rahbar Group PLLC | Luis A. Henriquez Carrero, Director of Litigation, Manhattan Legal Services | Michael J Epstein, Partner, The Epstein Law Firm, PA

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