Jul 13, 2021

Join Bronx Film 48's 48 Hour Film Challenge

Bronx Film 48 is a community film initiative in the Bronx.They're kicking off the Third Annual Bronx 48 Hour Film Challenge this Friday, July 16. Never made a film before? Looking to experiment and challenge yourself to make a new short? You don't have to be a Bronx resident. This challenge is open to filmmakers of all ages and levels of experience. Participants craft an original story based off the required elements given: Character Name, Line of Dialogue, Prop, Genre, and a Featured Space. Shoot with what you've got: whether you're using a Cinema camera, mirrorless, a DSLR or even a phone! Use what you have at your disposal! @bronxfilm48 has partnered with @jmrrentals to provide all participants with a 15% off discount on equipment rentals between July 8-15 upon sign up! If you're interested in signing up, visit Follow Third Annual Bronx 48 Hour Film Challenge for more info!



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