Jun 07, 2021

Bronx Live!: Sunday Night at the Opera: Die Drei Pintos

Bronx Opera and BronxNet present BxO's production of DIE DREI PINTOS (The Three Pintos). Begun in 1822 by Carl Maria von Weber and finished in 1888 by Gustav Mahler, this comedy of mistaken identity was Mahler's calling card to European opera houses as a young conductor before he became a famous composer. Mahler's death in 1911 put PINTOS in everyone's rear-view mirror, and it was never seen on stage in New York until the weekend of January 14th, 2012, when Bronx Opera opened the production you're seeing. For this presentation, we've added a conversation between Bronx Opera's General Director, Ben Spierman, and two PINTOS cast members, tenor Luke Grooms and soprano Caprice Corona.

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