Apr 07, 2021

Bronx Film Wednesdays: April

Pregones/PRTT’s 21 Islands International Short Film Festival turns five next week, so this month's Bronx Film Wednesdays is a special tribute and teaser of what’s ahead! Championing indie shorts and filmmakers, 21 Islands is a kaleidoscope of the real and the imagined, bursting with great stories and characters, and plenty of visual pizzazz. Multi-genre and multi-lingual films from islands territories and island nations around the globe lend the festival both its expansive and uniquely focused character. Our BxFW program for April kicks off the fest's 5th Anniversary with a choice selection of eight jury and audience favorites from prior years. Hosted by BronxNet’s Sonyi Lopez and featuring new interviews with 21 Islands curator Melisa Ramos and Pregones/PRTT Artistic Director, Rosalba Rolón. WAYS TO WATCH: Pregones/PRTT —Facebook Live: www.facebook.com/pregonesprtt —Vimeo: www.vimeo.com/pregonesprtt —YouTube: www.youtube.com/pregonesprtt BronxNET TV —Cable: 67 Optimum —Cable: 2133 FIOS —Web: www.bronxnet.org/watch/ Bronx Film Wednesdays (BxFW) is monthly series showcasing indie films that you will love! Travel the world and open your mind to stories as wild and as far as the imagination goes! Starting last fall, BxFW offers its free screenings online and at home on cable tv channels of BronxNet Community Television!

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