Apr 05, 2021

Today’s Verdict: Civil Defense | Marijuana Legalization in NYS | Public Charge Blocked

Host, David Lesch speaks with Frank D. Lombardi, Senior Associate at PMT Law Firm about civil defense during the pandemic and the difference of practicing law pre-pandemic and now. Then, Senator Luis R. Sepúlveda of the 32nd Senate District is here to talk about the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in New York State. Lastly, staff attorney Susan Welber from The Legal Aid Society talks about the history of public charge rule and the halt of the public charge rule. Host: David Lesch | Producer: Marivid Batista & Yesenia Ramos | Editor: Luis Rebolledo | Producer Interns: Zoe Kuhlkin & Yarelys Encarnacion | Guest (s): Frank D. Lombardi, Senior Associate, PMT Law Firm; Luis R. Sepúlveda, (D) NYS Senator, 32nd Senate District; Susan Welber, Staff Attorney at The Legal Aid Society.

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