Mar 29, 2021

OPEN BXRX Monday I March 29, 2021

OPEN Bx Rx Monday host Dr. Bob Lee is joined by Maria Trusa, former health care worker, entrepreneur, and author of "I Say No More" as she speaks about her traumatic childhood and how that has shaped who she is today and empowered her to help others. Then we hear from Gina Cappelli, Founder and President of Formé Medical Center & Urgent Care, as she sheds light on the affordable health care services her center is offering to the hispanic community in White Plains. After that, Larry Hamilton, Fitness Instructor and Founder of LH Transformations, joined the program to share tips on health and wellness that anyone can follow and to speak about how he has prepared for the reopening of gyms. Plus, Bobby C has the latest in the world of Sports. Finally, we travel across the pond to speak to Ayree, an International Pop Star, and Diaz Mussalimov-- another international singer, songwriter, and actor--as they speak about their journey as musicians and rise to stardom. Producers: Chelsea Jackson, Yasmine Burgess & Stephen Powell Editors: Chelsea Jackson & Yasmine Burgess For more information on BronxNet visit us at- https://bronxnet.org/​ Follow us on Facebook at- https://www.facebook.com/BronxNetTV​ Follow us on Twitter at- https://twitter.com/BronxnetTV​ Follow us on Instagram at- https://www.instagram.com/bronxnettv​ Follow us on LinkedIn at- https://www.linkedin.com/company/bronxnet-community-television

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