Dec 11, 2020

Today’s Verdict: MTA Budget Cuts | NYCHA’s New PACT Projects | TLC Virtual Resiliency

Host David Lesch speaks with Stephanie Burgos-Veras from Riders Alliance NY about the budget crisis generated by the pandemic, the Metropolitan Transit Authority is considering a proposal to lay off more than 9,000 employees and make drastic reductions in subway service. Then, Jonathan Gouveia, Executive VP for the Real Estate Department of NYCHA, about new PACT projects to bring comprehensive repairs for more than 10,000 residents across Brooklyn, Manhattan, and The Bronx. After that, Robert Goldman of TLC Virtual Resiliency talks about the resiliency-building program which provides groups with educational content on resilience and coping skills to help build resiliency and manage stress and anxiety. Host: David Lesch | Producer: Marivid Batista & Yesenia Ramos | Assistant Producer: Mateo Rojas Alingue | Editor: Luis Rebolledo | Guests: Stephanie Burgos-Veras, Organizing Manager, Riders Alliance NY; Jonathan Gouveia, Real Estate Department, NYCHA; Robert Goldman, J.D., Psy.D., TLC Virtual Resiliency. For more information on BronxNet visit us at- https://bronxnet.org/ Follow us on Facebook at- https://www.facebook.com/BronxNetTV Follow us on Twitter at- https://twitter.com/BronxnetTV Follow us on Instagram at- https://www.instagram.com/bronxnettv Follow us on LinkedIn at- https://www.linkedin.com/company/bronxnet-community-television

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