Sep 21, 2020

New Yorkers Remember Martial Law in the Philippines

In the Philippines, President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law, 48 years ago today. But the human rights violations, and those who stood up against them are not forgotten for the New Yorkers who came out to the Philippine consulate today. Bernadette Patino, NE Regional Coordinator for Malaya Movement, says that the issues of authoritarianism still persist and activists are still fighting today, 48 years later. Demonstrators seek to send a message to the current president, Rodrigo Duterte, who has been accused of severe human rights violations, and who has threatened the Philippines with martial law many times. Mike Legaspi, NE Regional Coordinator for BAYAN-USA, says that it is ever more crucial for overseas Filipinos to take part in the struggle for true democracy in the Philippines. Demonstrations like this seem to be having an effect. Representative Susan Wild of New Jersey has just introduced the Philippines Human Rights Act in Congress, co-sponsored by Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, representing the Bronx and Queens. This story is reported by Steven De Castro.