Sep 02, 2020

Bronx Film Wednesdays: September

Pregones Theater PRTT: Bronx Film Wednesday (9/2/20) Pregones/PRTT's Bronx Film Wednesdays goes digital with monthly screenings online and on BronxNet cable channels. Kicking off the new format is a gem documentary from Puerto Rico: WONDER WOMAN ON WHEELS (La Mujer Maravilla Sobre Ruedas) is an uplifting documentary about a woman who will not let cerebral palsy stop her from breaking the world's record for largest group hug! Featuring Ileana Torres Báez, a writer and poet from Puerto Rico. Her vision and mission are to inspire change in a society that discriminates and looks with pity at people with disabilities. Directed by Omar Camilo, the doc is paired with award-winning shorts from Tenerife, United Kingdom, and Hawai'i. This month’s theme is “Overcoming Disabilities.” Program hosted by Sonyi Lopez and featuring an interview with the filmmaker! Bronx Film Wednesdays (BxFW): Curated by film and media artist Melisa Ramos, this monthly series screens indie films that you will love. Travel the world and open your mind to stories as wild and as far as the imagination can go! Each night includes a highlight feature and winning shorts from our 21 Islands International Short Film Fest. Starting this fall, BxFW offers its free monthly programs online and at home on cable tv channels of BronxNet Community Television!

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