Aug 25, 2020

Today’s Verdict: Malpractice Immunity, National Domestic Workers Alliance, Crimes in NY vs. NJ

Our host, David Lesch, speaks with Senator Luis Sepúlveda about a bill passed by the State Legislature that limits the malpractice immunity provided to hospitals and nursing homes during the COVID-19. Then, Marrisa Senteno, Co-Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance talks about a bill that would expand the rights and provide domestic workers with long overdue protections against discrimination in the workplace. Finally, criminal defense attorney Warren Sutnick will explain to us the difference between NY and NJ criminal law during the pandemic. Host: David Lesch | Producers: Marivid Batista & Yesenia Ramos | Editor: Luis Rebolledo | Guest(s): Luis Sepúlveda, NYS Senator; Marrisa Senteno, New York Co-Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance | Warren Sutnick, Sutnick & Sutnick, Llc.

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