Aspiring Towards a Career in Media?

At BronxNet, students are able to gain experience in videography, editing, reporting, programming, and many more aspects of television broadcasting and emerging immersive technology.

With internships available in-studio, on-location and remotely, we are able to work with students' schedules to help build their media skills for the future.

We are now recruiting for our Fall 2023 internship session. Click the button below to apply for any of our internships!


Internships We Offer

Marketing and Communications Internship - Undergraduate

The BronxNet TV’s Marketing and Communications Internship offers the intern direct and hands-on experience developing and executing marketing and communications campaigns for a non-profit television organization, working closely with the Marketing and Communications team and other teams across the organization to build and grow engagement with our audiences and to promote a variety of initiatives, including the growing BronxNet education program.

Video Editing Internship - Undergraduate

Video editors are in command of editing of packages using Final Cut 10 and Premiere Pro. A package, to be specific, is a short segment of 1 to 2 minutes in length.

Producer Internship - Undergraduate

BronxNet is the public service multimedia network of the people of the Bronx. Local Bronxite producers have access to our studios to produce their shows. BronxNet also produces in-house content remotely and at the BronxNet Studios. BronxNet TV broadcasts news, health awareness updates, voter literacy programs including debates and forums, educational content, and more across a range of programs without interruption. BronxNet programs broadcast on channels 67-70, 951 and 952 on the Optimum cable system and 2133-2138 on Verizon FiOS and are live streamed via

Studio Internship - Undergraduate

Studio interns are studio crew members tasked with doing the behind-the-scenes work of live television shows. All studio training is on-site and minimum experience is needed to become a studio intern.

Videography Internship - Undergraduate

Videography is the process of shooting or covering an event. In layman’s terms, they’re the cameraman/woman following the reporter. They’re responsible for transporting and setting up equipment at each shoot as well ensuring that the lighting, position and overall shoot is the best quality possible. Some videographers will have post-production responsibilities, such as editing the footage; however, at BronxNet, videographers are only responsible for shooting and forwarding footage to the BronxNet drive for editors to access.

Programming Internship - Undergraduate

Programming Interns shadow a Programming Assistant and learn about how a TV network maintains broadcast operations for six cable and streaming channels.

Content Acquisitions Internship - Undergraduate

The Content Acquisitions team at BronxNet identifies compelling films, specials and shows, reaches out to the award-winning creators behind the magic, and helps broadcast their work to millions all over the world, thus amplifying their powerful, independent voices.

Development Internship - Undergraduate

BronxNet Development Intern learns and gains experience in non-profit fundraising activities, donor appreciation, and working with a CRM Database.

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