You can produce your very own TV show and broadcast it to people all over the Bronx.
BronxNet offers certification workshops for Bronx residents age 18 and over. Certification workshops include studio production where participants learn to produce talk shows or other studio-based programs, or field production where participants learn to produce magazine, film-style or other location productions.
Once they obtain certification, participants have access to BronxNet studios and production equipment. Certified producers are able to use BronxNet resources to produce non-commercial shows on a one-time or ongoing basis, in any genre of their choice.
Intermediate and advanced workshops for active, certified producers and classes tailored to the needs of artists and filmmakers are also available.

Upcoming Certification Cycle

As a result of the COVID19 pandemic, start dates for on-site classes for the upcoming cycle will be determined based on relevant New York City reopening dates set by governmental agencies. In the interim, individuals may register for the online classes and webinars listed below.

Please email for any additional information.


Online Classes & Webinars

BronxNet will conduct special classes online during the COVID19 pandemic and beyond as follows:


Basic Remote Broadcast Production

Prepare to produce independent shows for broadcast on BronxNet. The class covers a range of topics including recording content with your computer or mobile device, conducting interviews via Google Hangouts and Zoom, apps for quick editing, and special tips for producing during the pandemic.

Section SU-A1

Schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

7/7, 7/9, 7/12, 7/14 & 7/16

Instructors: Shelby Boamah, Ramon Torres




Section  SU-B1

Schedule: Coming Soon

Instructors: Duane Ferguson, Vivian Hernandez Ortiz




Acting for the Screen I

Deliver your best in front of the camera. Learn professional acting techniques for delivering monologues, participating in dialogue, moving with purpose and more. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a final showcase.

Requirements: Registrants should have access to a computer, tablet or cell phone along with a stable internet connection.

Schedule: Thursdays, 6:30pm - 8:30pm 

6/24, 7/1, 7/8, 7/15, 7/22 & 7/29   

Instructor:  Alejandra Ramos Riera

Fee: $20



Television Show Hosting

Become even more dynamic in front of the camera. Develop or strengthen your on-camera skills for television and other media. Includes special techniques for virtual hosting.

Schedule: Coming Soon

Instructor: Gary Axelbank

Fee: $20


Apps for Mobile Device and Computer Editing

Learn how to use free apps to edit your remotely-produced content, for submission to BronxNet.

Schedule: TBD

Instructor: Ramon Torres & Shelby Boamah


Producer’s Storytelling Platform

Learn techniques for generating strong story/content ideas, delivering the best stories to your audience, staying on track as you turn your ideas into reality and more.

Schedule: TBD

Instructor: Shelby Boamah



Basic Music Video Production

Do you want to create a music video to go with your original song? Learn to record your best shots with your mobile device and properly sync them with your unique sound, along with other storytelling tools.

This online workshop provides the skills necessary for making a music video using a digital camera or mobile device such as a tablet or cellular phone. Students will learn to storyboard, create shot lists, use mobile devices to shoot the video, edit on their software and device of choice, sync music to video and more.

Prerequisite: Computer skills. General knowledge of production and/or strong interest or experience in music arts. Legal access to royalty-free music unencumbered by outside copyright is great.

Schedule: TBD


Instructors: Onel Mulet & Ramon Torres



Editing - Final Cut Pro X

Learn to edit your interviews and footage using one of the media industry's leading editing programs - Final Cut Pro X. Students must have access to a Mac computer to run the Final Cut Pro X program.

Schedule: TBD

Instructor: Ramon Torres

Fee: $50



Editing - Adobe Premiere Pro  

Learn to edit your interviews and footage using one of the media industry's leading editing programs - Adobe Premiere Pro. Students must have access to a PC or Mac computer to run the Adobe Premiere Pro program.

Schedule: TBD

Instructor: Ramon Torres

Fee: $50



Video Recording Your Band

Recording good audio is important for all video productions and especially so for recording music. Learn the audio recording techniques that will deliver your musical vision to your television audiences’ ears the way you want them to hear it.

Schedule: TBD

Instructor: Carl Peters


BronxNet Fiscal Sponsorship

Are you an independent media maker looking for ways to raise funds for your project? Have you considered using a fiscal sponsor? Learn more about how BronxNet’s fiscal sponsorship services can help facilitate your funding applications.

Schedule: TBD

Instructor: Phil Lane



Onel Mulet

Onel Mulet is a media professional, musician, composer and producer/audio engineer from Miami, Florida who relocated to New York City in 2002. Onel currently works at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY as a broadcast associate, producing videos for the school, as an audio engineer in the broadcast studio and coaching graduate students in Premiere Pro, and Pro Tools. He is also a media professor for Brooklyn Free Speech.

Duane Ferguson

Duane Ferguson is a New York Emmy winning producer, editor, shoot and director who began his career in 1993 at the conception of BronxNet. He has served as on cmaera talent for shows such as In the Mix at PBS and Study With the Best on CUNY TV. Duane has also shot award-winning short films and is currently a producer on Black America airing currently on CUNY TV and a director for B Side currently airing on BRIC Arts Media in Brooklyn.

Fermin Suarez

Fermin Suarez is a director, producer, cameraman, editor and animator. He's been involved in several TV shows, documenaries, publicity promotions, video clips, and other types of video production. For two years he was the live television director for Cosmovision, a former commercial network which broadcast in th USA and Puerto Rico. Fermin is one of the creators of Canal America (Optimum 1014), and he is a theatrical actor and winner of several acting awards. One of his most celebrated works as a director is "Los Cuentos",  a cinematook look at Dominican literature. 

Vivian Hernandez Ortiz

Vivian Hernandez Ortz is an Associate Trainer who has worked on national news and radio arts programs as well as local cable community stations. She has covered community, political, weather and human interest stories as a producer, director and camerawoman. In addition to her professional work she has acted as a mentor for video journalists, interns, and media students. 

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