Fiscal Sponsorship Application Guidelines

Applications MUST include:

  1. Project Description (2-3 pages)

    Please provide a detailed project synopsis. What is your project about? Who are the characters? Where does it take place? How will you tell the story? How is this project timely? How is this project unique from other projects? Why is this story important to tell? What style will you use to tell this story (e.g cinema verite, animation, interviews, etc . . .) Provide a timeline for completing your project (production, post-production, etc . . .)

  2. Budget (1 page)

    Provide a line item breakdown for your project that includes detailed projections for pre-production, production, post-production and distribution.

  3. Key Personnel

    Please provide bios (I page each) for Director and Producer, Editor and Cinematographer. Make sure that bios include relevant experience to the project your project. Include any awards/ recognition that key personnel have received during their careers.

    If the project includes an advisory board, provide a list and bios of people who are attached to the project as advisors.

  4. Fundraising Strategy (I page)

    Looking at your budget, what is your strategy for raising the necessary funds for completion? Provide a list of all current sources and secured amounts as well as potential sources (foundations, government, broadcast license) and amounts.

  5. Audience and Distribution (I page)

    Who, specifically, is the audience for your project? Once the project is completed what is your strategy for your project to this audience? What is intended social impact? Is there an engagement strategy? Who do you intend to partner with?

  6. Work Sample

    Provide media along with a written paragraph that describes the sample that you are submitting.

Deadlines and Notifications

Fiscal sponsorship applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Due to the rolling nature of our submission process, BronxNet does not provide a specific timeline for responses. There is a committee that reviews projects for acceptance. The committee meets regularly throughout the year.

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