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Ashanti Bonsu is a second-generation American-Ghanian living in the Bronx, NY. She is a micro-influencer with a budding following. Her laughter and personality lights up any room. She has friends who adore her, coworkers and fans who admire her and a mother who dotes on her - though sometimes her mother is a little…okay, she’s mostly overbearing. Ashanti’s life is one most people would envy. But what many don’t recognize is her high-functioning depression.

Logline: A pathologically over-achieving millennial battles the pressure of #blackgirlmagic and the expectations of being first-gen Ghanaian American in the Bronx.

Kobina de Graft Johnson

As the Founder, CEO and Director of Photography at Anibok Studios, Kobina is actively creating and building a catalogue of 100 films to shape the story-telling narrative of Ghanaian and Ameri-African culture. The guiding tenet of Kobina’s career is to ...Read More

Jasmine White

Jasmine Patrice White (she/her) is an African-American writer and producer. Jasmine first garnered attention for her work on the digital series, "Hotline", where she launched and raised over $15,000 to complete production. "Hotline" is a drama about a lawyer who ...Read More



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