Gun Violence Stop-Motion PSA Project

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This project aims to produce an engaging stop-motion PSA to advocate for creative outlets and alternatives to violence for youth and arts engagement as gateways for positive transformation. This is one of the most direct and effective ways to get guns off the streets and save lives. The NYPD periodically holds gun buyback events at specific precincts; the stop-motion animations for this project would serve to help organize a similar PSA event in collaboration with BronxNet.

Idea 1:
Imagine a classic scene from a film (or reality) that involves guns and replace the guns with stacks of cash, implying that the characters traded in their guns for money. The end card would explain the Cash-for-Guns program or specific gun buyback event.

Variation 1: Old West Shootout
Dramatic shots of two men in cowboy attire approach each other in an old Wild West town. The old, dusty town is occupied with bygone wooden buildings. Queue in a music score that rises as tension builds. A tumbleweed bounces past. The use of recognizable tropes from Western movies indicates to the audience that a quick-draw shootout is impending. The two men's eyes narrow as they size each other up. Suddenly they both reach down and draw their weapons, but instead of guns we see they are holding wads of cash. A wide shot shows them throwing the cash at each other, but obviously the men remain unharmed. The end card explains the NYPD's Cash-for-Guns program or specific gun buyback event.



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