Creatives Rebuild New York (CRNY) Artist Employment Program (AEP) is a 2-year program that funds employment for 300 artists working in collaboration with community-based organizations across New York State. BronxNet is proud to be one of these organizations.

Artists inspire us and illuminate our shared human experience. They are storytellers and preserve our histories. Artists in communities imagine new approaches to our greatest challenges and bring their creativity to everything from building collective power and facilitating collaboration, to cultivating individual agency and advancing well-being.

Please see below to learn more about the incredible work being funded by CRNY and facilitated by BronxNet.


Volla is a combat sport without war; it is a medicine game that attempts to build mental fortitude, physical fitness and emotional healing through play. Volla is a cross-reality combat sport created for the Oculus Quest (Meta Quest), and a virtual team sport played in a physical arena. Taking cues from sports...Read More


Under the direction of Kwikstep and Rokafella, this vartiety talk show provides a glance into the underground artists who are keeping the legacy of hip-hop culture alive. Interviews with and performances by local dancers, DJs and artists, in addition to pre-recorded clips of national hip-hop culture...Read More

Gun Violence Stop-Motion PSA

This project aims to produce an engaging stop-motion PSA to advocate for creative outlets and alternatives to violence for youth and arts engagement as gateways for positive transformation. This is one of the most direct and effective ways to get guns off the streets and save lives. The NYPD periodically holds gun buyback events...Read More

Random Acts of Art

Random Acts of Art, is a live art presentation being done by various artists. Random Acts of Art is a once-a-week presentation, in various outdoor/public locations all around the Bronx. Each week we present a new artist, each with their unique art style. Each artist has a timeline of 3 hours to create and finish their artwork...Read More


Ashanti Bonsu is a second-generation American-Ghanian living in the Bronx, NY. She is a micro-influencer with a budding following. Her laughter and personality lights up any room. She has friends who adore her, coworkers and fans who admire her and a mother who dotes on her - though sometimes her mother is a little...Read More

Explore the Bronx: Immersive Media Guide

In collaboration with Creatives Rebuild NY, Trish Gianakis is one of the immersive artists at BronxNet TV. Her project is an interactive cultural literacy program to educate and engage people about the rich history of The Bronx. Using immersive technologies, creating sculptures, 3D volumetric scanning and virtual reality...Read More