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In collaboration with Creatives Rebuild NY, Trish Gianakis is one of the immersive artists at BronxNet TV. Her project is an interactive cultural literacy program to educate and engage people about the rich history of The Bronx. Using immersive technologies, creating sculptures, 3D volumetric scanning and virtual reality, she uses geo-targeted maps to feature various historic landmarks, sculptures and famous people all from The Bronx. The rich culture of the Bronx comes to life, as part of the user experience the project is displayed in augmented reality overlaying sculptures, video, photos, music and/or recited poetry into the physical world, all viewable with a smartphone.

Trish Gianakis

Trish Classe Gianakis is an awarding winning artist and published poet. Her art works have been exhibited internationally, across the East coast and Arizona. With a Master’s Degree in Computer Art Installation from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, ...Read More



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