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Rhina Gets Lean | Race: The Final Frontier

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by , 3 years ago
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Rhina Gets Lean | Race: The Final Frontier.
Time to hit the Open road of The Grand Concourse as Rhina joins the community in Run the Bronx!

In the past 2 Seasons of Rhina Gets Lean. We explored all types of methods to design a healthy lifestyle. This year we enter into a 20 week mission to reach the ultimate challenge! To boldly go where we have never gone before... The NYC Marathon! Weclome to: " Rhina Gets Lean - Race: The Final Frontier"

Taking the lead by example join me in "Rhina Gets Lean" a Bronx Strong Initiative! Twitter: @RhinaValentin, #rhinagetslean #bronxstrong

"Rhina Gets Lean" Reality Web series credits:

  • Production Manager: Marcelo Mendez
  • Produced, captured and Edited: Christopher Figueroa
  • Creative Producer: Rhina Valentin Executive
  • Director: Michael Max Knobbe


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