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Open Monday | Aug. 1, 2011

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by , 6 years ago
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Today we have a couple of guests trying to make a difference. Mark Bruh is the founfer and CEO of "From The Warfront to the Homefront Foundation". Started in 2007, his organization serves the needs of vetereans returning home from Iraq and Afganistan as well their families. joining him is Gold Star Mother Emily Toro. in 2004, Lead Uganda was formed to provide children affected by war and disease in Uganda with the resources for an education geared towards leadership and community growth due to one of New York's award-wining Journalists, Stephen Shames. To finish, Monday shines it'd light on an artist who has coined the term "Hybrid Soul" to describe his fresh and electrical music style, performimg live in our studio, Lenny Harold. BronxNet | OPEN is shot LIVE from BronxNet's studios and invites viewers to participate through phone or email. The show builds on the station's mission to provide useful information to the Bronx public, while helping young adults develop media careers. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday OPEN helps Bronx community organizations share information about issues and services, give exposure to artists working in various media, showcase video art, provide a forum for discussion and debate, and updates viewers about what's happening in the Bronx and beyond. The hosts are a diverse group o f personalities who interact with the audience via phone calls and internet. Lead hosts include experienced personalities such as WBLS Radio personality Bob Lee, Bronxnet own Executive Producer of Perspectives, Daren Jaime and noted Bronx performer Rhina Valentin. Guest and segment hosts will include newspaper journalists, experts and aspiring journalists who participate in BRONXNET?s journalism production training programs. It is seen live on Cablevision's channel 68 and Verizon Fios channel 35 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 am. Rebroadcast schedule: Monday: 2 am, 5 pm, 10 pm | Tuesday: 2 am, 10am, 5 pm, 10 pm | Wednesday: 2 am, 5 pm, 10 pm | Thursday: 2 am, 10 am, 5 pm, 10 pm | Friday: 2 am, 5 pm & 10 p.m.

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