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Open Monday | Feb. 7, 2011

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by , 7 years ago
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Today's show was about giving back to the community; whether by providing services for the visually impaired, or pre-school children from less fortunate neighborhoods, it is apparent that there is a great need service in the community.

We were joined by Betsy Fabricant, the Senior Administrator of VISIONS, an organization “founded by a group of women who were tired of knitting blankets for blind people,” 85 years ago. Their goal is to “promote the independence of people of all ages who are blind.” There is a great need for the services they provide, and each individual gets treated with special care, and are taught how to be independent. Alongside her was John Bonizio, a member of the Bronx Advisory Board for VISIONS. Their goal is to “raise awareness about what VISIONS does.” They wanted to inform people that, “to be legally blind, you can have some vision.”

Our next guests were two young ladies from Jump Start, an organization started by two Yale students in 1993, who wanted to give children the “best chance of success.” Site manager Heather Jones, and team leader Amanda Vilaseca, devote their time to pre-school children ages three to five, from low-income families, preparing them for both academically and the real world.

Gloria Rochester, the Founder, President, and CEO of the Queens Sickle Cell Advocacy Network INC (QSCAN) also joined us to educate people about the rise of Sickle Cell Anemia, “a genetic disease in which the red blood cells are formed in abnormal shapes, causing intense pain for those afflicted.” Rochester, whose daughter was also diagnosed with the disease, said that the pain is excruciating, and even worst than childbirth.

Finally, radio and TV personality Joey Reynolds stopped by to promote his new talk show, which will be aired late nights on NBC. “We need over-the-air communication in case of emergencies, so we can reach everybody in different demographics,” said Reynolds.

: Bob Lee

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