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Open Friday | Feb. 4, 2011

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by , 7 years ago
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Today’s show was about passion, courage, and perseverance. It was about helping one another achieve our goals, as we enter into a new year. We had a couple of guests who talked about what they do as role models and mentors to many people who are interested in the career paths in which they are currently in.


The first guest was none other than Raquel Miller, the executive director of NICODA, a multi-cultural performing arts organization established in 2008, which bases their morals solemnly on equality in the performing world. The company's main focuses are to show "how we are all connected," said Miller, and that "cultures should speak to each other." NICODA will be having a festival this summer, where artists from all over will meet, and showcase their talents.


Susan Watson-Turner, a professor here at Lehman, and director of the upcoming play "Barn Razing," also joined us to talk about the play, and how important it is for people, especially of color, to witness "what happens when we are all trapped together."


Finally, musical sensation Donny Goines is making such a name for himself, and he gave us a taste of just what makes the ladies go crazy over him. He gave us a few guidelines that he, as an independent artist follow; "be consistent and persistent, and use your money wisely." Be on the look-out for his upcoming album, "Success served cold."

Host(s): Rhina Valentin, Bobby C


Featured DJ(s): DJ Fallen Archangel




NICODA Executive Director Raquel Miller


Director Susan Watson-Turner

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Hip-hop artist Donny Goines


Dwight Hardy (St. John’s University Point Guard)

Justin Burrell (St. John’s University Forward)


Michael Alvarado manhattan College Guard



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