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Episode 8 | African Union Profile

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by , 6 years ago
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BronxNet | The African Union Day Foundation has been allocated studio and airtimes by BronxNet Television to produce African Union Profiles hosted by Sheikh Moussa Drammeh. African Union Profiles features live caucus discussions that will be clustered around critically informing, educating and orienting the diversified audience to the significant milestones in Africa?s developmental trajectory. To some, it will be Africa for Beginners while to others, it will be an opportunity to listen to seasoned icons on any lined up subject matter. The central objective is to raise the bar of understanding a fast growing immigrant group in the Borough of the Bronx. Further, to generate a resource base of information that may be appropriately be used by a wide range of service providers in different institutions including the United States Government, the international community and the wider community groups in the Bronx and beyond.

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